Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kuma's Mountain Glitching (Collision)

So most of the forum topics that talk about Kuma's state that Kuma Asylum is so broken and that Kuma's will always win 90% of most games since people don't listen and because players under level 30 get no zyrk love meaning they are very squishy. So how do we win kuma's? Today I will show you how to do this. And that way the future of kuma's will be be filled with at least non-kuma's winning at least one box every game which will give incentives to keep doing kuma's.

If your not sure what collision removal is would recomend reading up on it so you at least know what it is. Not to mention the guide above actually taught me quite a lot about the game itself. So I will go ahead and not only explain collision but how to remove it for kuma's so you can actually climb up mountains.

Types of collision:

  • Collision which knocks you backwards
  • Collision which stops movement
So the first type of collision is when you attempt to climb up a wall and it pushes you backwards which you can get around by spaming P and Spacebar or using the mouse or keyboard macro to climb up. The second type of collision stops all movement and prevents you from climbing any farther. This collision you can think of similar to a textured wall only it's invisible on your screen but the collision files tell you "Can't walk passed this".

One thing I need to tell you about collision is once it's removed you can pass though the collision walls and go farther but if your standing inside of collision walls you cannot use any skills because the game associates collision area's with not being able to use skills but you can still jump and spam profile and such.

How to remove collision for kuma's
In your tera folder find : BF_KumasWorld_Collision.gmp

And remove that file.

If you have trouble with this and would like a retard proof method of removal and reinstall (in-case something messes up patch wise) If your willing to donate me some food money I'll make a patch for you and an installer to reinstall the files removed. I can also make it worth your while and teach you how to skip bosses in certain dungeons and use it for alliance area so your getting more out of it then "Just kuma's made easy". You're choice but now I will explain how this bug is used.

So part of doing kuma's is getting the crystal to safty and in kuma's running crystals normally means they can all gang bang the person running a crystal. But with mountain glitching you grab a crystal then run it up the mountain side in certain locations and climb out of the range of the map so people can't see you walking along the mountains.

Kuma's can still block you on the bridge but imagine kuma games that you can get the crystal near the dock without worrying about dieing this includes running it on just about any class of course too. You will want to be tanky for trying to get it onto the dock like usual proper crystals and all if possible.

The other useful thing about this is im sure everyone is familar with the death triangle patterns that put crystals near the far back of the kuma's game which makes it nearly impossible to run at all. These games with mountain glitching are free wins for non kuma's.

Lets talk about the area's you can climb:
This location is right after you climb up the small hole in the wall instead of running it acrossed open land you use your space bar + profile jumping to climb up into the mountains. The result is:

As you can see or can't see you won't show up on the map when you are running along the edge. The only thing you have to be careful of is not falling off which is pretty easy to avoid.
We walked all the way to the ship but a kuma is watching the side we appeared at so we want to avoid feeding a crystal at the start of a game so instead of jumping towards the dock we jump into the blue water below of us.
Now we are walking under the water from the left side over to the right side cause the kuma is blocking the left side of the map as we can see by the red mark.

At this point kuma's can see us we want to climb up and turn in the crystal before a kuma comes to the opposite side.
We want to climb in a place that looks like we can get up of course and not get stuck under the ship.

We can actually jump from land to the edge of the dock from the sides of it in the event a kuma comes running remember we have no collision so we can even "Fall out of the ship".
Another spot we can run crystals up its foward up the little bump then to the right up the mountain kuma's can get at the spot we are standing so we dont want to take too much time climbing up.
After climbing to the right we want to turn left and we can see this position where we go straight up onto the outside of the map.
This is how we run all of the crystals from back side of the map its straight up then left alittle and it overlaps to the screenshot above where we climb up.

We have no collision so going though here is also possible if a kuma backs us into a corner and won't let us though the wider entry above but its the same place leading up to the last screenshot.

Another location in which we can also run crystals if and we only need to walk half way into this area just like the other three screenshots for kuma's attacks not to hit us making it a great way to get a crystal to a safe place.
This is running a crystal along the edge of the map from the right side of the map after we climb up.

As you can see a kuma is blocking if we have enough time we can jump into the water and go to the left side under water or we can risk it and attempt to jump onto the dock ramp and get into the ship. Of course communication will be the key at successful crystal running all this allows for is making it so your safe getting it to this point. But the dock will always be a question of teamwork and skills.

Like always share this with friends like it give it to everyone cause kuma's is broken and this helps some. Just to give you an idea in one day you can farm 40 to 80 boxes cause you usally get one box every game sometimes two or all three if you have more then one person who knows how to do this. and in two days I made over 150k gold from doing this if your someone who likes gold for buying cosmetics and such.


  1. do you have a video instead of just the screenshots?

    1. I don't have a video of it but really shouldn't need one cause all you need to do is use a macro for the jump with profile opening and you will be able to climb outside of the map in any location which allows you to climb up. As long as its a location that looks like you can climb up your good to go.

  2. i thinks it doesnt work anymore. when i delete that file, my tera crash by join the kuma battleground